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Makaravillakku Festival Kerala

Makaravillakku Festival Kerala
Makaravilakku is the most important devotional view in Sabarimala Ayyappa temple, Kerala. Makaravilakku and Makarajyothi festival is observed on the first day of the Makara Masam as per traditional Malayalam calendar followed in Kerala.

This is a seven-day festival commencing on the day of Makara Sankranthi. On the Makaravilakku day(14th of January every year), the evening deeparadhana is the most important puja.Lord Ayyapa is shining by wearing the Thiruvabharanam – gold ornaments of Ayappa which is brought from Pandalam palace. Ayyapa spent his childhood time at Pandalam palace. From Pandalam palace Thiruvabharam is carried to Sabarimala in three boxes. After decorate with the Thiruvabharam, the evening pooja ‘Deeparadhana’ is performed by about 6.30 pm on Makaravilakku day. Eye catching light Makaravilakku appears three times at a far distance in Ponnambalamedu. A Makara star – Makarajyothi is the star also appears in the sky during this time. Makaravilakku is a majestic view for the Ayyappa devotees, which will make the body and mind pure.

The festival lasts for seven days and ends with the ritual known as ‘Guruthi ” an offering conducted to propitiate the gods and goddesses of wilderness. No one remains in the temple premises after the performance of Guruthi.

Every year during Makaravilakku and Mandala pooja seasons, the numbers of pilgrims are increasing highly. Other than Kerala, Ayappa devotees from Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andra Pradesh etc come to witness the holy festival of Makaravilakku.

Temple will be open for worship at the beginning of the malayalam months and important festivals like Onam, Mandalapooja and Vishu Vilakku.

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