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Mananchira Square, Kozhikode

Mananchira Square, located in the heart of Kozhikode city, is wrapped around the Mananchira Tank which is fed by a natural spring. Built by Mana Vikrama, the last Zamorin King, it has been preserved almost in its original form and continues to supply water. The sprawling estate adjoining the tank is now partly converted into a park.

The musical fountain inside the maidan and the meticulously landscaped lawns surrounded by traditional buildings in the Kerala style are fascinating. The Kozhikode Public Library is situtated here.

Mananchira is the heart of the city and sites important institutions like the Town Hall and the Public Library. One of Kozhikode's oldest institutions, the Commonwealth Trust's office is located here. The large pond and park are well-known landmarks.

This is the place where the main courtyard of palace of the erstwhile Zamorin rulers once existed. Presently, the square has a well laid out park, which has a number of traditional Keralite houses and a large water tank nearby.

The nearby Tagore and Ansari parks, and the large maidanam (grounds) have been fused together into one mananchira square.

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