Manohar Thana Fort, Jhalawar

Manohar Thana is a census town in Jhalawar district in the Indian state of Rajasthan.
Manohar Thana is the cherapunji of Rajasthan and Kamkheda Hanuman Temple is most religious tourism palace.
Manohar Thana Fort The Manohar Thana Fort is situated within the well-walled town of Manohar Thana, at a distance of 90 kilometres from Jhalawar.

The fort is situated at the confluence of the Kaalikhad and Parvan rivers.
Every year in the Manoharthana town a fair is organised by Panchayat of duration of 1 month.

Manohar Thana was developed by the emperor Manohar Bheel. Some historians of india believe that that was Munavvar Khan that is unbelievable because In the Manohar Thana fort have Maa Kankali temple about 1200 AC. Here is a tunnel about 15-20 Km which opens from Manoharthana fort and goes to Khatakhedi village.
Kaamheda Hanuman temple is the spiritual center of Jhalawar district whereas thousands of devotees comes from various states of India.
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