Most Fascinating Ocean Views

Everyone would like to spend their vacations in calm places, where there is no much noise and any sought of other pollutions. Many tourists prefer to enjoy their vacations in hill stations, sea shores etc, to spend their valuable holidays with their family and friends. If you are planning for a vacation now, here are some of the beautiful ocean views you can visit to enjoy your free time with your friends and family, taken from the National Geographic website that had taken from the National Geographic book "Secret Journeys of a Lifetime".

ocean views
1.Mirador Escenico, San Carlos, Mexico:

This lookout you can come across to see four miles from San Carlos. You can expect a first-class view over the Gulf of California. The Mirador is a considered as the first-class spot where you can enjoy the wildlife that includes pelicans, whales and dolphins. As it was reported in the above mentioned book, if you have any plans to visit this place, you can rent a kayak or a fishing boat in San Carlos. The best seasons to visit this place for fishing and sailing purposes, you can the place anytime from November to May.
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