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Mulamkuzhi Waterfalls

The state of Kerala has around 20 waterfalls including the big and small falls across its area. These waterfalls are speedy and occasionally forceful and have inspired a large number of poets, dramatists, writers and painters. The magnanimous views of the waterfalls of Kerala evoke many emotions and feelings and hence are known to be the popular romantic destinations of the nation. The cascades of Kerala are not only inspiring and addictive, but are also the best way to stay in the lap of the nature and enjoy its beauty. Traveling through the peaceful and relaxed atmosphere of the state of Kerala reenergizes one’s mind and body.

One of the prominent falls of Kerala which makes one get lost in the beauty of the lush green forest, mystic mountains, beautiful lakes and cascading showers is Mulamkuzhi waterfalls.
The Mulamkuzhi waterfall is located in a village called Mulamkuzhi in Malayatur in the district of Ernakulam in Kerala. The beautiful waterfall finds it origin in the river of Mulamkuzhi and runs through the hilly ranges of the reason. The pure water of the Mulamkuzhi waterfall is crystal clear and is the best for bathing, swimming and drinking. This water falling atop the hilly ranges is proven to be medicated and is clear and sweet.
Bathing, swimming and fishing are the common activities noticeable in the waterfall area. It is believed that in bathing in the stream of the waterfall, the diseases related to skin can be cured to a very great extent. It is also said that the tourists carry the water of the stream in bottles because of the medicinal values present in the water. It is also said that the water gets its medicinal values for it passes through powerful medicinal herbs in the hilly terrain.

Thus, Mulamkuzhi not only serves as a relaxing vacation spot but also serves as a doctor’s clinic for those who are sick and ailed.

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