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Pazhassi Tomb

Pazhassi Tomb is a simple but beautiful tomb built in Mananthavady, Wayanad. Pazhassi tomb is situated 37 kilometers from Sulthan Bathery, 32 kilometers north east from Kalpetta, and just a kilometer away from Mananthavady. Pazhassi tomb is built as a memorial for the Veera Pazhassi Raja. Veera Pazhassi Raja who was famously known as the Lion of Kerala. Pazhassi raja was a key player in the Indian independence revolution against British.

Pazhassi Raja, heir of Kottayam royal family, was one among the pioneers in revolt against the East India Company. He carried out guerilla type warfare attacks against British and carried out a long tenure of revolution against British.

There is a cave by name Pulpally cave near Pazhassi tomb. It was in this Pulpally cave that veer Pazhassi raja took refuge till the time British captured him. During the end of 1805, veer Pazhassi raja was killed by British in a ferocious encounter. The point of cremation of Pazhassi raja is where the Pazhassi tomb was constructed as a memorial for him. Nearby Pazhassi tomb is the Pazhassi museum which has a sword that is believed to be from Pazhassi era. Tourists who love to visit places of historical importance should make it a point to visit this place without fail. Multi cultural visitors can also enjoy the beauty of this tomb and visit the museum to know more about the cultural heritage of Kerala.

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