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Pookot Lake

Pookot Lake kerala
Pookot Lake is a picturesque location and a major tourist attraction in Wayanad. You will enjoy a day's trip and camp in this location. The lake is surrounded by thick woods and trees. This scenic lake presents a calm and serene environment. This is an excellent camp site for peace lovers. This tourist attraction is situated half way from Calicut. From Kalpetta you can reach Pookot Lake in half an hour.

Surrounded by forests, and greenery, Pookot lake Wayanad is an enchanting location for nature lovers and photographers. You can't resist taking few photographs of the excellent location. But it is important to note that boating is not permitted here. Due to some commercial renovations in recent times, some of its wilderness charms are removed.

Pookot lake Wayanad at a close distance to Vythiri is undoubtedly one of the most gorgeous tourist spot in the entire location. The lake is cuddled up in the surrounding lap of mountains. The tall trees and dense woods that surround the pathway of the lake provide a memorable visual treat. There is also a freshwater aquarium near the lake which displays colorful and beautiful fishes.

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