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Prachina Museum, Bikaner

Prachina Museum
Prachina Museum is one of the chief repositories of ancient articles and historical artifacts and which is Situated within Junagarh Fort,PRACHINA Bikaner Cultural Center and Museum was established by Siddhi Kumari daughter of Late Maharaja Narendra Singhji of Bikaner in 2000. The intention behind this museum is to protect Bikaner's prosperous cultural variety and to display huge identity of Bikaner in figure of a Museum. Siddhi Kumari's endavour is in line with the Bikaner Royal Family's rich and glorious tradition of establishing institutions for public benefits.

Royal portraits and costumes wear by the members of the royal family on exhibit at the Prachina Museum in Bikaner, Rajasthan, India. Accessories display that were used for religious and other ritualistic purposes. The gallery of costumes at the Prachina Museum displays the remnants of a glorious era when clothes were designed for individuals with respect to their social status, personal tastes and personality.

European wine glasses, cut glass decorative objects, cutlery and crockery used in the regal kitchen. Perfumes and other interesting things that were an vital part of the Bikaner royal household enchant.
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