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Sadul Singh Museum, Bikaner

Sadul Singh Museum is among the major sightseeing attractions of Bikaner, which is situated within the Lalgarh Palace.
The art museum is dedicated to the successive kings of Bikaner., which include Maharaja Ganga Singh, Sadul Singh and Karni Singh.

A vast collection of Georgian paintings, artefacts, photographs and hunting trophies are put on display for tourists in the gallery. Moreover, the museum has separate section dedicated to each king displaying their life and heroic deeds.

Museum that will showcase various pictures of the royal family, various items that the royal family used to use. The different pictures of the different generations of the Royal family are put together in a nice manner and one by one. You are just lost in the history if you see the pictures and read about them.
There are various items that the royal family used such as Royal Baggi, Projectors and even the train that Maharaja Ganga Singh Ji brought to Bikaner can also be seen here. You can very easily spend a couple of hours if you have interest about history.
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