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Shell Museum, Diu

The sea-side town of Diu, you must be expecting to see all things related to the sea and sand - blue water, white sand and, of course, beautiful and unique sea-shells. Yes, you will find those a lot on the beaches but if you want to their numerious varieties all at one go, worry not. The Sea Shell Museum in Diu will make sure your desire is fulfilled.

It is one of the first in its genre and houses a vast variety of unique and beautiful seashells. These shells are exhibited under magnifying glasses of various sizes which are, put simply, beautiful to look at. The place is quite near to the Nagoa beach. You will be surprised to know that the total collection of the sea shells is around a whopping 2500 to 3000.

Shell Museum, one of the shell museums in the world, has a wide personal collection of Captain Fulbari. He was a sailor, who spent most of his life in the region collecting different kinds of sea shells. This museum also features reading materials on the history of shells.
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