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Shiv Bari Temple, Bikaner

Shiv Bari Temple
Shiv Bari Temple is fortified by a high wall the temple is devoted to Lord Shiva. Maharaja Doongar Singh constructed it in the ninth century in the remembrance of his father Maharaj Lall Singhji. The temple has a stunning wall panting of Nandi Bull facing the Shiva Lingam. This is located on the way to the camel town.

This temple is also Well known as Laleshwar Mahadeo by the localities . The religious significance of the temple attracts a large number of devotees as well. Tourists also get an enriching experience by visiting this temple as they get a chance to bspectator the various traditions and religious customs of the region. The rich culture of the region is also reflected by these customs.

The architecture of the Shiv Bari Temple is also a great attraction of the tourists. The marvelous architecture has a exciting effect on the tourists. Architectural features like the pavilions, domes and columns convey a great appearance to the temple. Another main attraction of the temple is the huge statue of Lord Shiva. The statue completed up of black stone is a treat to the eye. These architectural features of the temple help to provide a detailed knowledge about the exceptional features of Rajasthani architecture.
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