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Sporting Enthusiasts Are Given The Full Treatment In Paris

Paris sports & Activities
Sporting enthusiasts are given the full treatment in Paris: with stadiums, tennis courts,soccer, swimming pools, cycle lanes, horse-riding and racing – and more. In addition, Paris hosts some major events: the finish of the Tour de France (cycling), the Paris Marathon, the French tennis Open at Roland-Garros, athletics at the Gaz de France meeting, the Trophee Lalique (ice-skating) and the Six Nations rugby tournament to name but a few. so you can admire the champions of every sport in fabulous venues.

soccer is the one of the main sports in france .There is a French national team, as well as many university teams. Formula-One car racing, famous throughout Europe, is also very popular.The most well-known sport, however, is cycling. The Tour de France, which takes place for about two weeks at the end of June and into July, is the most widely publicized sport. The race begins and ends in Paris with the winner cycling under the Arc de Triomphe and down the Champs Elysées. Another competitive sport is lawn bowling. This is played by average citizens, as well as championship teams.
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