The best luxurious accommodation in Rajasthan to relive the royal past

India is a country of proud historical past, a bright present and a promising future. It is popular as a country of Maharajas, palaces and the grandeur of the royal era that can still be felt in the traditional states like Rajasthan. Interestingly Rajasthan literally means the land of Rajahs. So the state houses many palaces that exude the glorious past of royal era. Many of them have been converted in hotel. So, if you really want to have a direct experience of living in the royal past of Rajasthan, you can choose to stay in any palace that has been converted into hotel.

Here are a few truly luxurious heritage hotels of Rajasthan to make you feel like a king or queen:

1. Umaid Bhawan Jodhpur

The palace is a unique blend of Indo-Western architecture standing proudly in the middle of 26 acres garden. Since 1972, when this grand palace was converted into a hotel it has been successfully managed by Taj Group of Hotels. The finest features of Indian and western architecture are blended seamlessly that offers a pleasant harmony. Each aspect of the hotel is benefitted by the expert knowledge of its chief architect Henry Lanchester, one of the leading architects of the era. The rooms also have distinctly royal names: Maharaja Suites, Maharani Suites, Royal Suites and Historical Suites. Tastefully decorated by the choicest artifacts, staying in these rooms is like reliving the real charm of old royal era. The sophisticated facilities in the room further enhance the staying experience. To burn your calories, there is a sprawling lush green Squash Court.

However, the most enjoyable experience is a car drive in vintage model that would make you feel like a Maharaja. To soothe your mind and body, you can also enjoy the Taj spa services. The distinct services offered by the spa are sure to offer you a long lasting soothing experience.

Umaid Bhawan Jodhpur

2. Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur

Taj Lake palace is one of the best examples of heritage hotels of India. Udaipur is world famous as the Lake City of India. Staying at this luxurious accommodation further heightens the charm of being in Udaipur. However, it is not only the grand building that makes it a great luxurious place to stay at but also the royal hospitality and personalized services that pamper each guest as a king. As soon as you enter the hotel, the luxurious shower of rose petals instantly lifts up your spirit and prepares you for a royal experience. The distinct experience of enjoying private time on the royal swing perfectly blends luxury and romance.
The unique aspect of the hotel is that they add a festive color to your entire stay affair and make it an occasion to celebrate. Indulging in carefully crafted meals, enjoying long boat rides on tranquil sapphire waters and experiencing the heights of luxurious treatment at spas are some of the things that would be etched in your memory for lifetime. Do not miss the frequent music events that exhibit the distinct height of singing craft.

Enjoying the elegant musical waves of seasoned voices amidst this old palace takes one to a journey through old royal era. It has 66 rooms and separate spaces for conference, product launches and meetings. Each room is gracefully decorated in royal style. Vintage car drive and Jiva Spa Boat would give you a lifetime experience while the lovers of adventure would admire trekking, jeep safaris, mountain biking and wildlife trekking expeditions.

Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur

3. Rawla Narlai, Pali District

It might not be as popular as Rambagh Palace of Jaipur or Udai Palace of Udaipur but Rawla Narlai is certainly a name that would offer you the unforgettable experience with its distinguished architecture, distinct services and personalized attention. It is a perfect place for the people who want to enjoy their time at a historical place with a strong character.
Built during 17th century, the palace is a perfect combination of art and architecture. Whether it is the old world architecture or careful attention given by the hotel staff, the place is sure to leave you enthralled.
Apart from the ordinary (well, extraordinary!) room categories the hotel also offers luxury tents for the guests who wish to enjoy old styled Rajasthan caravan.These luxurious tents are equipped with all the amenities you would deserve from hotel of such repute. The rooms of different categories (Grand Heritage Rooms, Luxury Grand Heritage Room, Classic Heritage Rooms and Jharokha Rooms) offer refined stay experience with their detailed, ornamented style and use of finest interiors. If you wish to enjoy the authentic traditional food of India, you would love frequent visits to the restaurant serving some of the distinct customary cuisine of the region.

If you would like to be mildly intoxicated, there is a plush bar waiting for you. Water babies can enjoy an unforgettable swimming experience in a large, clean swimming pool filled with crystal clear water.

Rawla Narlai, Pali District

4. Rambagh Palace, Jaipur

At one point of the history Rambagh Palace used to house the famous Maharajas of Jaipur. Many centuries lapsed but the glory still lives on. The unique blend of different architectural styles and use of magnificent designs are a treat for the eyes.

In fact it is the luxury hotel where you can happily spend your entire day observing the architectural details of the palace. Such is the glory of the building. It has the distinct reputation of being awarded as the World’s best hotel in 2009. The personalized hospitality and urbane facilities in each room offers the hotel an elevated status among various luxurious hotels of India.

The hotel has 79 rooms named as Royal Suites, Historical Suites, Luxury and Palace Rooms, Grand Royal Suites and Grand Presidential Suites. The well designed rooms offer state-of-the-art facilities and a fine feel of detailed art deco. However, it is not only the luxurious stay that the hotel offers but it also allows you several options to engage in action: Outdoor swimming pool, fitness centre and mini golf course are a few of them.

Jiva Grande Spa would calm your body and mind to the core while the relishing cuisine of Rajput Room would satisfy your gastronomical fantasies. It also has bars with abundant stock of variety and quantity.

Rambagh Palace, Jaipur

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