The Friendliest Cities In The World

It is not just the set up of the city or the people's behavior that puts these cities on this list although it is important factors to consider, it has to do with the kind of activities, service, and tranquility of the socio-cultural set up that is important. Having said all this here is a list of some of the friendliest cities around the world.

1. Melbourne, Australia

The city offers serene environment in the midst of a concrete jungle, yet creates the perfect balance between parks, open green space and the fabulous public art.
This city is known as one of the classiest cities in the world.

It has the best mix of cultures that celebrates worldwide cultures from around the world. The city has the best nightlife, amazing food, and hotels. It was also named as the most livable city in the world.

2. Florianopolis, Brazil

The capital of the second largest in Brazil is Florianopolis, located at the south of the country. The city is known to have the highest quality for human life and boosts of having the best human development index.

Florianopolis is blessed with socio-cultural, amazing seaside, markets and warm locals. The hospitality level of the city is unmatchable with the airline staff considered as the most courteous in the world.

3. Thimpu, Bhutan

The capital and largest city in Bhutan, Thimpu is surrounded by walls of mountains as the city rests in the valley. It is also the administrative and judicial district of Bhutan.

The city still lives with its royalty and culture that is so imbibed that they still dress in traditional clothing, practice ancient music and festivals, live by customs of their fore fathers and practice religion with so much piousness. The city is so jovial that gross national happiness is an official measure.

4. Siem Reap, Cambodia

This city is the capital of Siem Reap Province in the north of Cambodia, which is known as the resort town of the province. This city is considered as the fourth best city for tourists by Trip Advisors.

The country has everything to offer from luxury of the modern world to the natural beauty of its glorious past. Its offers its visitors larger number of hotels, restaurants, businesses and shops that line the streets of the city to hype up its tourism.

5. Charleston, US

This is a city that is in South Carolina which has a rich past since early settlers made their home here. This city is one of the oldest and also the second largest in the state. The city has a beautiful harbor.

The city is known for its rich history, splendid historical architecture, amazing restaurants and the best mannered people in the country. It has been voted time and again as one of the friendliest cities in the world.

6. Kilkenny, Ireland

Kilkenny lies across the Irish Sea in the southern part of Ireland. The cities center attraction and also one of the foremost landmarks that distinguish it is the St. Canice's Cathedral built in honor of St. Canice. Kilkenny has recorded the settlement of prehistoric, Mesolithic and Bronze Age civilizations.

The city has a humorous welcome by that of the number of pubs there are for a particular number of inhabitants of the locality. They also have an annual comedy festival, which is one of the only ones around the world.

7. Cape Town, South Africa

One of the most amazing places on earth as described by tourists is Cape Town, which has an ideal mix of mountains, beaches and coasts. This is one hell of a mixture because not many cities in have this geographical bliss like Cape Town.

The streets of Cape Town have colorful market places, restaurants and performance venues that keeps ones spirits lively. Many tourists are awed by the varieties of its food culture and hence makes it an idea friendly city to live in.

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