The Konkan Railway

The Konkan Railway was the missing link between India's commercial capital, Mumbai, and Mangalore. The 741-kilometre line connects Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka States - a region of criss-crossing rivers, plunging valleys and mountains that soar into the clouds.It was built and is administrated by the Konkan Railway Corporation.A 760 kM rail path, laid on fairly flat rails over rivers and valleys and through mountains and gorges, it was designed and built by Indian engineers in a record time of eight years.Konkan Railway was Opening 26 January 1998.

History of Konkan Railway:
In October 1984 that the Ministry of Railways authorized the final location engineering cum traffic survey for the West Coast line, linking Roha on Central Railway with Mangalore on Southern Railway. The survey for part of the line, from Madgaon to Mangalore, spanning 325 km. was done initially, and in March 1985, the scope was increased to cover the remaining length of the line. Southern Railway, which was entrusted with this survey, submitted their report on the Konkan Railway to the Ministry in July 1988. Their report contained estimates of freight traffic and passenger traffic, and quite clearly proved the need for a new railway line in an expanding economy.Konkan Railway witnessed the year 2008-09 without any reportable Accidents and achieved the Safety performance index as 100 points against target of 75 points.This feat has been achieved for the first time in the history of Konkan Railway after it was made fully operational since Jan'1998. This achievement is made possible due to the sincere and dedicated efforts by each & every employee of Konkan Railway.

Stracture of Konkan Railway:
Konkan Railway passes through Western Ghats, and difficult terrain consisting of maximum number of tunnels i.e. 91 mostly of longer length, maximum number of bridges i.e. 174 major bridges, and rock cuttings and soil cuttings. Konkan Railway has implemented fusion of standard engineering practices & innovative technologies to ensure safe journey of trains over its section.Reduction of maximum speed of trains between Veer & Udupi stations (645 Kms) from 110 Kmph to 75 Kmph during Monsoon period from 10th June to 31st October every year for the last four years. This experiment had been very successful, resulting into 100% safety & punctuality compliance, optimum passenger satisfaction.

Fifty-six stations on the entire line
The length of 'Konkan Railway' is actually 738 km
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