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Thiruvambadi Sri Krishna Temple,Thrissur

Thiruvambady Temple is located on the Shoranur Road, 1km north of Swaraj Round. The name of the temple itself shows the importance of "Lord Krishna".
The surroundings of the temple, including the holy pond and Flag Stuff; had become an inevitable part of day today life of the villagers. The local administrator of that particular area was a respected gentleman called "Moose".
Acording to the legend, approximately in the Sixteenth century , a girl belonging to the Moose family fell in love with a young man of another religious belief. This made a lot of tension among the villagers.
Conflicts between these sects became a part of the village life. Some of the villagers foreseeing communal riot decided to save the idols of the temple from being destroyed. They detached the idol of Lord Krishna from the Sanctum Sanctorum and proceeded to Thrissur.
They reached "Kandanathu Mana" ( also renowned as Kachanappilli Mana) seeking help. At that time only a couple were residing there and they were in great sorrow because of not having kids. When they saw the idol of Lord Sri Krishna they took the lord itself as their kid and consecrated the idol in a hall within the premises.
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