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Thiruvathira festival

Thiruvathira festival
The Thiruvathira Festival falls due in the Malayalam month of Dhanu December,January .This year Thiruvathira is on January,13th, Friday 2006.The people of Kerala celebrate this festival with great Joy and respect.The Festival is connected with Lord Shiva.The Ardradarshan celebrated in Tamilnadu and a few parts of karnataka corresponds to Thiruvathira of Kerala.It is considered to worship Lord Shiva, and the devotees go early morning to temples.There is some celebrations at our homes also.

Tradition has it that Thiruvathira festival is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Shiva.Another story is connected with the death of kamadeva the mythological God of Love from the angry look of Lord Shiva from his "Thrikkannu".

In Kerala the festival Thiruvathira is most important among Nair and Nampoothiri families,especially celebrated by their women.They wake up early in the day and after bath they sing Thiruvathira songs mostly related to Lord Shiva.In conclusion they Stand in a circle and making dance also.The first Thiruvathira coming after the marriage among the above casts ,known as "poothiruvathira" and they celebrate the same in a grand manner.

Thiruvathira exclusively for Womenfolk,for which we cannot see any where outside in indian society.At Night time Women perform Thiruvathirakali or Kaikottykali.They stand in a circle around a lighted lamp and dance each step at the rythem of the songs they sing by clapping their hands.There is a custom called "Pathirappochoodal"means wearing flowers at midnight.Oonjalattam is also an important item on this Occassion.
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