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Considered the smallest state yet the target destinations, the state, Goa undeniably signified the best Southwestern Indian cuisine.

Today Goa is known as the Portuguese and South Indian inheritance gastronomy state.
In fact, almost all the miscellaneous Goan cuisine is an amalgamation of rice, spice, vinegar, chilies and coconuts. Considered one of the world's most unique fusion foods, the Goan cuisines always come up with a burly meat or fishy accent.

1.Mia Cucina

Among the top restaurants in Goa, an Italian style restaurant that accurately translates its connotation as "My Kitchen" the "Mia Cucina" is measured to be one of the most targeted restaurants in Goa.

The brand, unusual Mia Cucina dinning serves the barman's fruit based cocktails, the Kiwi Mint Martini and Watermelon Basil Martini.
The restaurants tender's collections of Pizzas like the Stone Baked Pizza, the Pepperoni Pizza and many more.

The place also serves the world most mozzarella cheese; Bruschetta Caponata and Polenta e Pollo Spiedini, 7 different Pastas like Gnocchi, Cannelloni, Penne, Tagliatelle, Ravioli, Spaghetti, Pappardelle and tubeless pasta Ziti and many more. The place also has Sunday special with ideal delicacies for Lounge and Lunch.

The restaurants doles out the classiest ambience facilitate air-conditioned comfort where its exterior decorates with the pool.

Cuisine: Italian
Timings: Sundays, 12 pm to 4 pm
Address: The Sofala Road Opposite to Bank of India, Nerul North Goa.


An emblematic Goan beach restaurant also known as one of the trendiest restaurants of the metropolis, the Britto's restaurants tenders the most appetizing menu be it vindaloos, chicken xacutis, prawn curry, crab curry or fish caldeen.

All the cuisines in this restaurant are prepared by the Britto's restaurant owner, Chef Catejan Britto.

Amongst the most amazing cuisine, Butter-garlic prawns of this restaurant and its crab curry has an amazing flavor. The restaurant is a wonderful place for a romantic dinner, its soft music, squashy candle lit environment cool sea gentle wind is just commendable.
Cuisine: Indian, Goan.

Timings: Mon to Wed is 2:00 PM - 12:00 AM. For Thu and Fri is 11:00 AM - 2:00 AM and on Saturday and Sunday is 9:00 AM - 3:00 AM
Address: Saunta Vaddo next to Baga Beach, Calangute, Bardez of Goa.

3.Lila Cafe

The most famous restaurant for Croissants and beef steak along with mashed potatoes, the gentle Lila Cafe restaurant stands in between the striking green decoration where its wooden bamboo fixtures and superb potted plants make the place more venerable and adorable.

The restaurants runs by the German couples; Elizabeth and Fritz-Ingo, Lila Cafe restaurants serves the world class croissants, pumpernickel bread, its egg omelets wrapped just about fried bacon and potatoes sour dough bread, smoked kingfish, fried leg of chicken, Hungarian goulash, Rastigs which is Swiss potato pancakes with cheese, ham and beef steak with mashed potatoes and so on.

Unlike the other restaurants, the Cuisines of Lila Cafe is mainly focus on Bread, Coffee and Cakes. The child friendly restaurants of Lila Cafe serve breakfast and brunch.

Cuisines: German
Timing: 8.30 AM to 6 PM
Address: Near Baga-River of Arpora Baga, Bardez in Goa.

4.Ritz Classic

The restaurant which is personified with the taste of Goan specialities, the restaurant that offers the best ever meal, the seafood restaurant Ritz Classic lies in the capital metropolis of Goa.

The restaurants with the pleasant atmosphere for a daylight meal the Ritz Classic dining counter and spaces are very contented.

The top sea food specialties are crabs and the sea platter where the restaurant also tenders grilled kingfish, Pomfret recheado and chicken xacutis with mock tails and cocktails. The logical priced restaurant had triumphed over by millions and millions of tourist soul.
The restaurant Ritz Classic is one perfect choice for the seafood lover.

Cuisines: Chinese, Seafood, Indian, Goan, Indian
Timings: 12:00 am to 3:30 pm and 6:00 am to 11:30 pm on all days of the week.
Address: Dr Pandurang Pissurlekar Road, Panjim.

5. Spice Goa

The perfect place to dine with family and friends, the spice Goa restaurant is an amazing place for seafood and spicy food.

Its flavoursome spicy fish, simple yet wonderful grilled and fried chicken with little spice is just wonderful. Considered one of the top restaurants in Goa, the Spice Goa's unfasten air shacks beach is breathtakingly striking.With the perfect unbolt windy ambience, the Spice Goa restaurants pork and beef meat is something one should never let go, one can savor the characteristically Goan food be it it's chilly, tamarind or coconut in this restaurant gastronomy.

Cuisine: Multi-cuisine, Tandoori, Goan, Chinese, Indian
Timings: 12:00 pm - 03:00 pm, 07:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Address: 3 Sarwadhar Complexes, Bombay Goa Road, Off National Highway 17 on Karaswada, Mapusa in North Goa.

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