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Top Tourist Destinations in Peru

Peru has often been referred to as "the richest country in the world." This quote isn't referring to the national GDP or per capita income, but rather the wealth of wonderful experiences that natives and tourists can enjoy. A growing number of tourists are beginning to appreciate the beautiful ambiance and wonderful attractions that Peru has to offer. Peru has become a very popular tourist destination since the beginning of the century. Over 3 million people visit the small Latin American country every year.Here are some popular attractions for tourists visiting Peru.

Macha Picchu


Macha Picchu is the ancient Incan city that was raided and destroyed by the Spaniards in the 16th century. You can visit it by taking a trip along the Incan trail. History buffs will enjoy visiting the remnants of the ancient city. Even if you aren't interested in history, it is still a beautiful place to visit. Macha Picchu is 1,000 feet above the Urubamba River and resides in some of the most beautiful terrain in South America. The best way to is to take a bus from AguasCalientes, which can be reached by taking a train from several other major cities in Peru. The drive will be less than half an hour long. You could even walk from there if you're willing to brave for the steep incline, but most people don't have the stamina to attempt this hike.

Centro Historico De Cusco


Centro Historico De Cuscois both a former Incan capital and the oldest surviving city in South America. It is still a prosperous place to visit. You will find beautiful, stone cut structures, as well as colonial homes and buildings. You will have the chance to experience a mixture of Spanish and Indian structures throughout the town. It is one of their most popular tourist attractions in Peru. Centro Historico De Cuscohas everything for the eager tourist. You can buy beautiful Peruvian meals at some of the city's finest restaurants. There are also lots of small shops and street vendors that sell everything from cheap Peruvian souvenirs to some of the most elegantly crafted jewelry in South America.

Urubamba River


The Urubamba River is one of the most exotic rivers in South America. You will have the opportunity to go rafting, while you gaze at this serene wilderness. This river has a number of unique terrestrial vertebrates, fish, plants, and insects. You can even cast nets to collect some of the fish during your trip, although you will have the best luck catching them during the early spring. If you aren't comfortable traveling on your own, you can book a tour guide. They can share many of the rivers is spectacular secrets as you raft across the rapids.

Inca Trail


The Inca Trail is one of the most famous paths in the western hemisphere. It is a four-day long hike, which ends at Maca Picchu. This trail twists and turns through some of the most majestic mountains of Peru, which takes place over 4,000 feet above sea level. It is too risky to travel this path on your own because it is so easy to get lost and face the dangers of the wilderness. Make sure that you book a tour guide to take you through the trail. If you are planning on traveling the Incan trail during the summer, it is important to make reservations with a travel guide at least a month or two in advance. They get booked very quickly since so many people prefer traveling during the warmer parts of the year.
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