Ugadi Festival : Beginning of a New Year

Ugadi is the new year festival celebrated in Andhrapradesh, Karnataka and some parts of Maharashtra. Ugadi is considered as a New Year since the spring starts with Ugadi. Ugadi denotes "the beginning of a new age".Chaitra month begins with Ugadi day.Even though the date is changing every year it celebrated during second half of March or in early April. History of Ugadi is bond with Lord Brahma, who started creation of the vast universe on the auspicious day of Ugadi.In Maharashtra it is well known as Gudipadawa festival.As spring grant a new life on earth, this festival of New Year accompanies a feeling of joy, growth and prosperity for people.

Celebrations of Ugadi:On this festival day Houses are thoroughly cleaned and washed and people wear new dresses Fresh flowers and fresh mango leaves are inevitable objects at the time of Ugadi. People usually prayers to Sun in early moring hours of Ugadi. Ugadi festivel treets you with blast of colors, sweets, music, family, friends, laughter and endless chatter.The day, begins with ritual showers (oil bath) followed by prayers.The days's cusine has 4 to 5 vegetable palliyas, huranada saaru, mixed vegetable curry, and rice, dal or khus khus payasa.

Month of Festival: During March to April
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