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Versova Beach Mumbai Bombay Maharashtra

The Versova Beach is another popular beach located in Mumbai. This fascinating coast, which is a continuation of the Juhu Beach and separated by a creek, is situated in the suburbs of Andheri. The Versova village is home to a large community of fishing folk known as 'Kolis'. This beach/village is famous for its fish market auctions which are held every day. During the ancient times, Versova was one of the main ports used for port-side transactions in Mumbai. Apart from the scenic beauty of the coast, gigantic rocks bordering the beach act as buffer, protecting the village from the enormous waves of the never-ending Arabian Sea. As the shoreline faces the vast Arabian Sea, watching the magnificent sunsets from this beach is a blissful experience. What is even more surreal is watching the fishermen heading out into the big blue and catching fresh fish. People in Mumbai visit this beach to escape from their tedious work life and to enjoy moments of peace. If you are looking for a whole new adventure or some solace, then Versova beach might just be the place for you. Read on for more.
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