Women Most Unsafe In these 5 Countries

In this present generation, despite women being confident, prosperous, stronger and more independent, it is still an undeniable fact that womenfolk are still vulnerable and the victims of crime. Until now, for many of the 3.3 billion female occupants of our planet, the advantage of the cyber age never arrived. So, from the consolidated data of the Thompson Reuters Foundation.

1. Afghanistan

Over the past few years, Afghanistan has been a battleground where the place history is filled with nothing but war. Unsurprisingly, this country is one of the most dangerous in the world for women.

In this country, the average Afghan girl will live to only 45-one year less than an Afghan male.
After three decades of war and religion-based tyranny, an overwhelming number of women are illiterate.

Not just this, more than half of all brides are under 16, and one woman dies in childbirth every half hour. Domestic violence is so prevalent that 87 percent of women admit of going through it. However, over 1 million widows are on the streets, often forced into prostitution. Afghanistan is the only country in which the female suicide rate is higher than that of males.

2. The Democratic Republic of Congo

A Central African country, the Democratic Republic of Congo experiences one of the poorest forms of the human rights and as such an unsafe place for women to survive. In the eastern Congo, a war that claimed more than 3 million lives has affected many women on the front line.

Rapes are so brutal and frequent that UN investigators have called them unprecedented. Many women die; others are infected with HIV and left to look after children alone. As the women frequently wandered from one place to another in search for food and water, it exposes them to yet more violence. Without money, transport or connections, they have no way to escape.

3. Pakistan

A South Asian Muslim nation, Pakistan comes up in the list of the most dangerous countries for women. In some part of this country, women are even gang-raped as punishment for men's crimes. On top of this, honour killing is more widespread, and a renewed wave of religious extremism is targeting female politicians, human rights workers and lawyers too.

Some of the worst atrocities towards women also include child and forced marriage, acid attacks and punishment by stoning. As per Pakistan's Human Rights Commission, over 1,000 girls and women are the victims of 'honour killings' every year, and 90 percent is a victim of domestic violence.

4. India

With the number of cases reported of sexual violence like gang rape, honor killings, attack and so on, India, the world's largest democracy is unfortunately one of the most unsafe countries for women.

Over the last three decades, the high number of female foeticide, infanticide and human trafficking is considerably prevalent in India. The poll revealed, "India ranked fourth primarily due to female foeticide, infanticide and human trafficking." Child marriage is another social issue in India that hampers the safety of the women.

The incidents of Delhi gang rape and two minor girls who were gang-raped and murdered in Badaun district in UP, once again question the safety of women.

5. Somalia

In Somali, the brutal civil war has put women's life in danger. In times of war, women were the traditional support of the family, under attack. In a Somalia's society, armed gangs expose women daily to rape, dangerously poor health care for pregnancy, and attack. High maternal mortality, rape, female genital mutilation (FGM) and child marriage are some severe atrocities faced by the Somalia's women.

World Health Organization Director-General Margaret Chan said, "While the potential of women is recognized at the international level, this potential will not be realized until conditions improve - often dramatically - in countries and communities. Too many complex factors, often rooted in social and cultural norms, continue to hinder the ability of women and girls to achieve their potential and benefit from social advances".
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