World's Best Cities to Visit in 2016

Lonely Planet's Best in Travel 2016 brought out a list of top destinations in different categories such as best countries to visit, best regions to visit, best cities to visit and many more such guiding lists for travel.

Countries to visit are topped by Singapore with Namibia and Lithuania occupying the second and the third spot respectively. Nicaragua, Ireland, Republic of Congo, Serbia, the Philippines, St. Lucia and Morocco complete the list of top countries.

1. Washington, United States

United States power center, Washington D.C tops the list. This city delights visitors any time of the year. Lonely Planet names Jose Andres, Georgetown shopping, the Smithsonian Museums, and the Willard Hotel as reasons why the city is the best. The year 2016 also marks the 150th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's assassination.

Neither does the city never die nor does the charm it flaunts. There are enough reasons to quote why it deserves a top spot in the list.

2. El Chalten, Argentina

If you are a nature lover, this is definitely your kind of place. El Chalten is more a village than a city. It is a favorite destination for many of the South Americans tourists who are attracted to the town's adventure tourism.

This list is probably going to make the city all the more famous. The lakes, peaks and forests present a pleasant atmosphere to those who want to get away from the city.

3. Milan, Italy

If food is all you love in this world, visit the 1.1 million square meter fairgrounds in Milan between May and October and eat to your heart's content. Yes, this second largest city in Italy is heading to host Expo 2016.

So Milan is ready to embrace the visitors with its elegance and grace in 2016. Also, one must not miss on Duomo di Milano, centuries old statues and spires are waiting for you there.

4. Zermatt, Switzerland

This is one such place which you might want to visit at least once in a lifetime. A blessed city with all the beauty under the sun will inspire any human being to visit the place. Zermatt is number four in the list of best cities to visit in 2016.

This is a true Swiss winter sports town, which marks the 150th anniversary of the successful Matterhorn climb of English mountaineer Edward Whymper. Valiant hikers, mountaineers and ski fiends dribble over the city.

5. Valletta, Malta

Valletta, Malta, placed fifth in the list will mark 450 years since the Great Siege in 2015. That was when 6100 Knights, soldiers and slaves battled the Turks, with much bloodshed on each side. A cultural blend of 17th century architectural remains and modern design is taking over the city. Other sites off note are architect Renzo Piano's parliament building, gateway to the city, and his open-air auditorium.

6. Plovdiv, Bulgaria

One of the most beautiful ethnic cities of Europe is placed sixth in this list. Stunning mountains and historical monuments including the magnificent Roman Amphitheatre are good enough reasons for anyone to pay a visit to Plovdiv.

Monuments that are now personified into hotels and restaurants would excite any visitor to experience the Roman culture.

7. Vienna, Austria

Vienna is not deprived of attention till date since the war years. Ringstrasse is a circular road that surrounds the Innere Stadt district of Vienna. This architectural marvel that was thrown open by Emperor Franz Josef of Hapsburg on May 1, 1865, turns 150 in 2015 and so the Vinna Viennese have all the reasons to celebrate. This is a good reason for the tourists to visit the historic city.

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