HAMPI, a must visit place if you are in Karnataka
Hi guys, this is Lakshman and I am here to share my experience of Hampi, one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. We (me and my other 5 friends) planned this weekend trip weeks before and we have already booked the tickets. And on friday night, we started our Hampi trip by boarding bus at 9pm from Bangalore. We reached Hospet around 5.45 AM and from there we hired an auto to our hotel which was situated at the other side of Hampi. i.e, Hippie Island. After freshening up, all of us were ready to explore the Hampi, so we headed straight to the Hampi temples.

Best place for people who loves ancient stuffs

It was a treat to watch and we were stunned to see the amazing work that is done on the temples, like the pillars, sculptors, roofs, floors etc. First we went to the Virupaksha temple which is the oldest shrine. It is a collection of smaller temples and it continues to be the gathering place of Hindus and frequented by pilgrims after the destruction of Hampi in 1565. Next we went to Vitthala temple which is over 3kms from the Virupaksha temple and it is one of the most artistically Hindu temples in Hampi. This temple was dedicated to Vitthala, a form of Krishna also called Vithoba. Shivalinga temple is an underground temple because it was built in ground level and
it is an earliest structure in Hampi. We decided to visit Lotus Mahal, Queens bath, Elephant stable, Mahanavami Dibba etc. Later on by 4pm, we decided to visit the famous Stone Charriot or Ratha. Being one of the three famous chariots in India, it was built in order to commemorate victory over Orissa kingdom. Next to Stone Chariot, we saw this popular musical pillars with this masterpiece designs, images and paintings. It was almost sunset and we headed straight to our hotel tired and we had a nice dinner at the hotel. We spent the remaining night playing cards and all. Thankfully, our hotel had this facility of scooters and we hired 3 and started roaming the hippie island. We went to Sanapur Lake and there was this Coracle boat, so we had fun sailing in it. It was almost lunch by then and one of our friends birthday was on the next day hence we decided to cut the cake at a restaurant. Post lunch we spent some time shopping in the Hampi streets and it was so awesome, the variety of things they had astonished me and makes me wanting to visit Hampi again. Evening, we climbed the Monkey hills to reach the monkey temple and we were lucky to witness the best sunsets ever. It was mind-blowing and we reached there hours before sunset so had all the time to relax and enjoy the sunset. At night we started our return journey to Bangalore and morning we reached by 6AM.