Trip to Thousand Pillar temple
Vamsi Sai
Senior Data Analyst
Have you ever heard of thousands pillar temple? If not, do not worry. I am writing this blog for you guys only. The Thousand Pillar temple also know by Rudreswara temple is on the finest temple situated in the heart of the Warangal, a few KM from the Hyderabad and it is also a world heritage site approved by UNESCO. It was built by King Surya Deva in 1163 AD, the temple has three presiding deities- Shiva, Vishnu, and Surya.

Does it really have “thousand Pillars”?

No, it hardly has 300 to 400 pillars. The thousand pillar name was given by some travelers who were amazed to see so many pillars of the temple and started calling it “The thousand pillar temple” and the name stuck with the temple from that time only.

Visit the temple

I was living in a hotel which was in a walking distance to the temple. So, I went there at the break of dawn. The temple was empty, as no one was there at the time except some pandits, who were preparing for their daily rituals of the temple. After that, I decided to explore the place and architecture of the temple. The temple was made beautifully with every detail kept in mind. At the entrance of the temple, the sculptor of the Nandi Ji was sitting comfortingly facing the entrance of the temple. I did capture so
e moment at the time with my phone, but could not able to capture the Aarti of the lords as a camera was not allowed in the temple.

The architecture of the temple

The temple made with stones carved by skilled craftsmen of Chalukya. The whole architecture of the temple is professionally made without any flaw, the pillars are carved sharply and on some pillars image of some gods are sculpted, but most of them are defaced. The interior of the temple is made up of granite stone.

Transport facility

You can reach the temple by road only, it is the most convenient way. The nearest railway station to the temple is Warangal railway station, which is 6 km away and the nearest airport is Hyderabad airport.

Why should everyone go to the Thousand pillars temple?

The temple is one of its kind and a very popular pilgrimage site. You will not be disappointed once to get there. The Architecture of the temple is fabulous and also an example of the highly skilled sculptors in ancient time and you will also get the glimpse of human figures sculpted on the wall of the temple.

If you want to know the richness of our country, this temple is the perfect example of it.