A Treasure Trove of Memories in Goa
Call it a on the spur of the moment or living life to the fullest, but the first trip to Goa was nothing less than excitement and thrill from the word go. I have always wante to go to Goa. Goa has been a sort of an enigma for me. Everyone around me had been to Goa at least once if not more.

Little did I know that the Easter weekend of 2012 was going to be the end of my wait. Disappointed that I would be working on Friday and the plan wasn’t going to happen, I sulked around the whole day. In the evening I get a call from my friend saying that the tickets were booked and come what may we were leaving to Goa that night. I barely managed to reach the bus stop on time convinced that I wouldn't make it I was almost in tears. But I guess this trip was meant to happen.

Tumbling into the bus just in time with my luggage was a scene I will never forget. Still in disbelief that I was on the bus to Goa. I guess I was a total pest to my poor friend who had to listen to me chatter away twenty to a dozen.

They say 1 and a half day isn’t enough to go to Goa. You will fall in love with Goa a line that I understood after that weekend. Eager not to miss out on any of the “Goa experiences” I did not allow my friend to settle down in the hotel. I was ready in a matter of mo

From there on Goa was one lovely experience after another. The first thing we had to do was eat. Well I really wanted to skip that, as that wasn’t essential in my mind at all. But I guess my friend loved his food as much as I loved Goa. After a hurried lunch, which I thought had eaten away in to my precious Goa time we got a bike, Avenger and rode to the beach where a ton load of water adventure sports awaited us. Not a person to shy from adventure my friend and I wanted to do all the sports at once, which of course wasn’t possible. Never the less we went for the Para sailing, even though the people said we should do it together both of us wanted to do it separately as we were greedy to get to the maximum height possible. After that we hopped onto the water motor bike where I did hurt myself but it was entirely worth it, the wind and the waved crashing against your face. The freedom of jumping the waves and breaking them was a different high altogether. Then the Banana boat ride which the less said the better, oh boy did we get a dunking of our lives.

Well what next, we would have loved another round at the adventure sports but our purses didn’t allow that. *sniff sniff* After getting into dry clothes we decided to go back to the beach and relax with a chilled beer and watch the world go by.

Finally, though I hate to admit it, exhaustion did creep up and I was caught yawning. So back to the room we went to sleep. But I guess the air in Goa is different and has a different high to it, the moment I lay down I wanted to be out on the Avenger taking in the sights in Goa.

The night life in Goa is legendary. I guess there isn’t much I can say about it that hasn’t already been said. Ignoring y friend’s plea and advice I wanted to be out at 8.30 to party. (I guess I am used to the Bangalore party scene) well finally my friend did give in and we left for the night at 10. (Which I thought was too late) well I was in for a surprise, Goa only wakes up past 12 to party and oh boy do they know to party.

We partied late into the night and had some of the amazing cocktails that were specially costume made for us. Finding places open at 4 in the morning for dinner was intriguing. Anyway hungry I tucked away at a heavy cheese pizza, one of the yummiest I had, at my favorite restaurant in Baga, - De Baga Deck. Tired, my friend I promised each other that we would sleep for an hour and get up for the sunrise, but as usual that was not going to happen.

Waking up well past the sunrise time, we decided we had to do something as it was the last day in goa. My friend and I love long bike rides and over the weekend we had fallen in love with the Avenger bike, so we decided to go somewhere where we could ride for a long time. Chopra castle was decided as our destination. For everyone who is a diehard Bollywood fan would remember Chapora Fort from the famous scene fin Dil Chahta Hai. Her I must confess my friend and I are major Bollywood fans. The bike ride to the fort and then the climb to the top were well worth the heat and the sun.

Looking out at sea from the fort felt so good, looking into the vast expanses of the world was relaxing. While riding back to the hotel to pack our bags so we wouldn't miss our bus I started crying because I wasn't ready to leave Goa yet.
I only got into the bus back to Bangalore after making sure that my friend promised that we would be back in Goa soon and for a longer time. Well the second time and longer trip did happen to Goa, but that is story for another.