Cape Comorin(Kanyakumari)
Kanyakumari the name comes from the Devi Kanya Kumari Temple in the region. It is the southernmost tip of peninsular India. Kanyakumari town is the southern tip of the Cardamo Hills.

The Kalkulam and Vilavancode taluks were under the rule of the Chera Dynasty.When the power of Chola declined due to the rise of Hoysalas and western Chalukyas.

It was also an area of great trade and commerce. It was ruled by the Cholas, the Cheras, the Pandyas and the Nayaks.Kanyakumari was under the rule of the Pandyan Kings till the downfall of Pandyas, and later by kings of Travancore.
Eye catching to see the confluence of 3 oceans - Bay of Bengal, Indian Ocean & Arabian Sea. The vivekananda rock mesmarise the visitors.

Kanyakumari is especially popular in India for its spectacular and unique sunrise and sunset, At certain times of year you can see the sun set and the moon rise over three seas simultaneously.