Chilling Chadar (Frozen River)
Ladakh has always captivated visitors with its charm and beauty. The picturesque mountain peaks, azure lakes or the challenging trekking trails, is known for scenic valley. W ile during the summers, the region adorns the most vibrant colour of the nature, during the winters it is filled with heavy snowfalls that cuts off the entire region from the rest of the world.

The whirly passages of the snow-clad mountains, this frozen river also entices thousand of trekkers from different corners of the world. Popularly known as the 'Chadar Trek' due to the formation of the thick blanket of the snow, it is considered as challenging as well as tricky treks in the world.

As the Zanskar River freezes down, the trekking surface (the river bed) offers various types of challenges that you might not have faced anywhere. At some points, you have to climb the peaks or walk though hanging cliffs to make your way.

Wait for January-February and don't miss the chance to trek through the Zanskar river that freezes down and offers the Chadar trek.