The golden Konkan coast of the Western Ghats is along the Arabian Sea. This small former Portuguese enclave is one of India's most popular tourist spots, both for the domestic and international traveller.
The name Goa is derived from the Konkani word `Goyan', which means a patch of tall grass.

Goa was a part of the grand Mauryan empire, around 3rd century B.C.Later it was ruled by the Chalukyas of Badami, foloowed by the Vijayanagara Empire.

Goa combines old Portuguese architecture, flavour and lifestyle. Main places of interest include the capital Panaji, Mapusa, old Goa and the stretch of famous beaches for which Goa.

Goa includes old churches few are:
The Church of St Francis of Assissi, the Se Cathedral and the Basilica of Bom Jesus, which houses the mortal remains and the tomb of St. Francis Xavier.

Bondla is the popular wildlife santuary in Goa.
A popular means of transport is motorcycle taxis. Motorcycles and bicycles are also available on hire.
The best season to visit Goa is from Oct-March.

To enjoy with friends and family visit Goa, where the petrol price and the liquor price are less. The night life of Goa is just extrordinary.