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Shikha Bhangadia
Business Partner
The weekend is here This time it was all the more special since my mother in law was in town and we had to think of a place that has something new to offer and can be enjoyed y her. One could hit nearby hill stations only but not anymore, since a brand new international standard entertainment destination has opened its doors in April 2013 for the public For years, we have needed a truly world class amusement park. And our wish was fulfilled with Adlabs Imagica.

Wondering what it is, right!? Adlabs Imagica is a truly world class theme park, located along the Mumbai – Pune Expressway, about 20kms before Lonavala while traveling from Mumbai.
The amusement park has been divided in different zones, so you have Americana, Viva Europa, India, Arabia, Asiana and Jambo Africa. Americana being the one with the most dare-devil rides, whereas India and Arabia are super fun.

I for India attraction is nothing but an aerial view of India’s geographical diversity that you watch on a giant screen while being suspended about 20 to 30 feet in the air.

The Prince of The Dark Water which looks super cool from the outside, is essentially a 15-20 minute animated movie shown in an Imax Dome theatre format.

Mr India – The Ride in a motion simulation setting gives the feel
f sitting on fast ride through an animated virtual trip of Imagica.

The Rajasaurus River Adventure is a water ride that is supposedly super fun and quite refreshing that translates you to the world of ferocious dinosaurs by riding this unnervingSalimgarh is a haunted house ride that is super fun and scary too.Wrath of the Gods is not a ride but rather an adventure of an archaeologist who discovers this cave when the three elements of nature (wind, fire, water) come alive.

The Alibaba Aur Challis Chor attraction in Arabia is basically a shooting game. As you enter the place it’s beautifully decorated like you would expect a plush Arabian town to be.