London: Overwhelming Mesmerizing & Petrifying
When I first went to London, I was both overwhelmed and petrified. The beauty of the city, its buildings, its history, shopping experience, and food attracted me very much, bu the speed of the city, the restlessness of the people and the Tube threw me out of whack. London eye, London Bridge, all the different museums and art galleries, the palaces are all awesome places to visit, but one thing that struck me most is the building of the London School of Economics and Political Science. LSE was unlike any other colleges I have seen, it has streets passing in between its building; it is beyond explanation and is a sight worth seeing. The underground railway service which is known as the Tube was literally the Mumbai local train with electronic doors. The people seems to be very busy, so much so that there is a sign at the beginning of the escalator leading to the Tube saying that those who will be standing, do so on the left side the right side is reserved for those who are running. As a whole the experience was mesmerizing but I would rather prefer a bit slower city, may be a city like Edinburg.