My Holy Cows Death
Algis Kemezys
I have been traveling in Turkey photographing the old hellenistic ruins. While staying in Gumushluk I became friends with a local cow. I am fond of cows because i grew up on a farm and later in life photographed the Holy Cows in india over an eight year period. Here is the story and video. So,I was making videos with the local farm animals who all had become my friends.

Then I had this touching time with the local cow who seemed to be so loving to me. I was planning on making a comedy video but I did not know at the time she had a broken hip that had happened the night before. The next day she was gone.

Three days later when i saw the owner and asked her where the cow was, the lady said she was now Dead. Just before i made this video, I saw her stumble but did not think anything about it thinking she tripped on her feeding trough. It was supposed to be a humorous video. All the other animals that I had been feeding as well there as well.

This video explains all and may she Rest in Peace! Thank God I was there for her final day on the farm. She was such a friendly and loving cow. A HOLY COW indeed !