The Beaty of Wayanad
Wayanad It is one of the district in Kerala, (most of the people think that it is the name of city/town in Kerala) Kalpetta is the district head quarter.The drive from bangalore to Wayanad is fun and full of adventure as it passes through the Wayanad sanctuary. You can find lot of elephant's, deers, peacocks and many more on the way.

It was known as Mayakshethra(Maya's area) then evolved in to Mayanad and then finally named as Wayanad. There are many indigenous tribals in this area. There are a lot of attractive viewpoints like edakkal caves, kuruva islands, phantom rock, wayanad heritage museum, chembra peak, ambukuthimala, kalpetta, sultan bathery, wayanad wildlife sanctuary etc.

If you are ever planning to visit Wayanad, be sure to have a detailed and prolong plan because, without a prior plan, the chances to ruin your trip is huge. Kuruva islands and edakkal caves are the most adventures ones among them. In edakkal caves,we could see a lot of stone carvings which where anciently done. In kuruva islands, there are dense and evergreen forests and islands are surrounded by river and stream of water.

Wayanad also is suitable only for nature lovers and you cannot expect to cover many places since all are separated by considerable kilometers. Also if yo
are going with family then going to soochipara falls or edakkal caves or kanthapura falls is bit difficult since you have to walk 5/6 kilometers before getting into the falls.