Wagah Border
The boundary demarcation line dividing India and Pakistan upon the Partition of India. Wagah border ceremony that happens at the border gate, two hours before sunset each day The flag ceremony is conducted by Indian Border Security Force (BSF) and Pakistan Rangers (PR).

Wagah Border is the only road border between India and Pakistan. It lies on the Grand Trunk Road between the cities of Amritsar (India) and Lahore (Pakistan). Located 28 km from Amritsar and 22 km from Lahore.
its national significance is lowering of the flags of the two countries simultaneously happens every day before sunset. Ceremony attracts large crowd including elderly people, children and foreign nationals. The air is filled with lots of energy, enthusiasm & patriotism.

It gives a sense of pride to see the soldiers of both the countries to open the gates, march towards each other, greeting each other in their own militry style and then marching back their respective places and closing the gates.

we get goosebumps when they start patriotic songs in high volume and people start dancing to the tunes with national flag in hand.