Weekend Getaway to the Land of Strawberry : Mahabaleshwar
Shikha Bhangadia
Busines Partner
Mahabaleshwar with its magnificent scenic view points, the perennial springs and waterfalls , surely has something for all, young and old, trekker and stroller, shopper and fo die or maybe someone who just loves to laze around. Therefore, you will find families, backpackers, moony honeymooners, all doing their own thing and generally having a good time.

Specialities:- Strawberries, Mulberries and carrots are the specialities of Mahabaleshwar. One should not forget to try strawberry cream, corn patties and corn grown locally available in both roasted and boiled form with masalas.

Best time to visit this place - Jan - March and for those who wishes to enjoy monsoons - then - April - Aug Some of the finest/best reports available: Citurs - Heritage Property Club Mahindra Bright land Resorts and Spa.

Must See Points:-

Arthur Seat
Monkey Point
Kate's Point
Elephant Head Point
Wilson Point
Veena Lake

Instead of taking your own car , it is advisable to hire a local cab. Charges are very nominal as they charge Rs 500 for 2.5 hours and will cover some 5-6 points. Try to cover all the points maximum by evening 6 pm as after that it becomes dark and all one can see is fog all around.

Some tax which one has to pay while entering Mahabaleshwar/Panchgani

1.. Mahabaleshwar pollution tax: INR 30/- (For Car) 2. Mahabaleshwar Entry tax: INR 20/- per person (valid for 7 days)
3. Panchgani Entry/Vehicle Pass – INR 20/- per person.(valid for 7 days)
4. Panchgani pollution tax: INR 50/- (For Car) - Valid for 7 days.
5. Car parking: INR 10 to 20/- (You have to pay everywhere)

Some of the suggestions:- It is advisable to carry umbrella and some woollens as evenings in Mahabaleshwar are quite cold..

Mahabaleshwar can be easily reachable by road/rail/flight. For flight , nearest airport would be Pune/Mumbai. From Mumbai one can take this route Mumbai - > Vashi ->NH4 -> SH63 =>SH72 = Mahabaleshwar Total distance= 275 km).However from Pune , it is hardly 150 kms.