Top Destinations in Egypt
The scarred desert landscape of Sinai is home to the Bedouins. Originally nomadic people, they have changed with the times and now many of live in and around Dahab. The Bedouins in the Dahab area are called Muzeina and are an important part of the area. The Bedouins give Dahab much of its unique, relaxed atmosphere. Dahab is a famous dive resort that has managed to keep its small-town, hippy fe... more>>
Activities in Dahab
There are many ways to spend your time in Dahab. But one of the most popular pass times is to relax and chill out in one of the many beach cafes, while considering what of the many activities to do. Dahab's beach cafes serve a wide range of drinks and breakfasts, snacks, and dinners at very reasonable prices. Dahab is is the perfect place to get away from stress and hectic lives, so do as the l... more>>