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Places to see in pondicherry The eternal favorite with the tourist and travelers, Pondicherry is always different from other tourism destinations of the country. Ruled by the...more>>
The word Amritsar means the holy pool of nectar. 1573 Work began on digging the holy pool. 1601 Harmandir Sahib completed. 1604 Guru Granth Sahib installed. Alongside people rep...more>>
Famous Places in Mysore Mysore city is at 770m above sea level and 140 kms from Bangalore. Also known as the City of Palaces, Mysore retains a quaint charm, that never fails...more>>
Places to visit in Visakhapatnam Visakhapatnam is a coastal, port city, often called The Jewel of the East Coast, situated in the of Andhra Pradesh, located on the eastern s...more>>
Bangalore: Shopping is something that we all enjoy, but at a time of souring prices it has become a luxury of a few. Fortunately, India is filled with a plethora of vibrant baza...more>>
Have you seen the sea disappear in front of your eyes? A unique phenomenon rarely seen anywhere else, the sea recedes by as much as five kilometres every day on the Chandipur b...more>>
Bangalore: Travelling is something that excites everyone and rejuvenates them from the mundane day to day tasks. The easy accessibility of transport connecting different cities ...more>>
Bangalore: Traveling is presumed to be about leaving the monotonous life behind, and have a rejuvenating experience. But not all countries in the world give you a guarantee of h...more>>
If you find Ooty, Kodaikanal or Munnar a bit too touristy and crowded a destination in southern India, Coorg is that perfect holiday spot in Karnataka that is sure to pleas...more>>
Bangalore: Travelling always inspires people with new ways to seek for adventures. India, with its wide range of exploratory places, lures the travelers who longs for a fresh ex...more>>
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