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Heat always drives people crazy and it is hard to find pristine blue water in public pools. The only way to enjoy nature and its natural waters is to set out to some of the ...more>>
Bangalore: As it is greatly said "Rejoice when you see sunset and be grateful if you wake to see the sunrise." There is certainly something magical about nature's fascinating...more>>
Bangalore: Ayurveda, once an age old remedy is now a universal remedy. The rise in development of technology has also raised health issues and stress level among people. It's be...more>>
Bangalore: Every time you are nearing vacations, there is something you always want to do: Planning your holiday. Why not think about going for an adventurous trip with you...more>>
Bangalore: India is blessed with a wide array of flora and fauna, as it is home to different species of animals, birds and reptiles. Majestic elephants, fiery mammals of the cat...more>>
Panaji: Melt away your stress in a Hatha yoga class or relax in a Nidra yoga class. The first edition of the Zambhala, a yoga, music and life spirit festival, is set to take ...more>>
It's not just spirituality that draws people to these magnificent constructions, the brilliant architecture, peaceful atmosphere and an opportunity to embrace our culture; all t...more>>
Agra Municipal Commissioner D.K. Singh said at present the ASI looks after cleanliness inside the Taj Mahal complex and the roads leading to the monument are maintained by th...more>>
Agra/New Delhi: The Taj Mahal, a Unesco World Heritage site, will be adopted under the Clean India Campaign, the tourism ministry and Agra officials said. The Taj Mahal ...more>>
Jaipur: Ghoomar, a folk dance of Rajasthan, has found its way into the list of world's most amazing local dances after an international travel website ranked it fourth on...more>>
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