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Bangalore: As it is greatly said "Rejoice when you see sunset and be grateful if you wake to see the sunrise." There is certainly something magical about nature's fascinating...more>>
Bangalore: Ayurveda, once an age old remedy is now a universal remedy. The rise in development of technology has also raised health issues and stress level among people. It's be...more>>
Bangalore: Every time you are nearing vacations, there is something you always want to do: Planning your holiday. Why not think about going for an adventurous trip with you...more>>
Bangalore: India is blessed with a wide array of flora and fauna, as it is home to different species of animals, birds and reptiles. Majestic elephants, fiery mammals of the cat...more>>
Panaji: Melt away your stress in a Hatha yoga class or relax in a Nidra yoga class. The first edition of the Zambhala, a yoga, music and life spirit festival, is set to take ...more>>
It's not just spirituality that draws people to these magnificent constructions, the brilliant architecture, peaceful atmosphere and an opportunity to embrace our culture; all t...more>>
Agra Municipal Commissioner D.K. Singh said at present the ASI looks after cleanliness inside the Taj Mahal complex and the roads leading to the monument are maintained by th...more>>
Agra/New Delhi: The Taj Mahal, a Unesco World Heritage site, will be adopted under the Clean India Campaign, the tourism ministry and Agra officials said. The Taj Mahal ...more>>
Jaipur: Ghoomar, a folk dance of Rajasthan, has found its way into the list of world's most amazing local dances after an international travel website ranked it fourth on...more>>
Bangalore: India is slowly becoming the heart of travel destinations with distinct marine life and natural beauty spread across evenly. Listen to the chirping birds while you t...more>>
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