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BASILICATA REGION AND POLLINO NATIONAL PARK A route through the small villages in Basilicata The Basilicata region is crossed by the Pollino mountain range (which extends...more>>
ITALY OF GOLF A journey among the best courses For those who want to spend an enjoyable holiday's golfing, without sacrificing wellness, good food and art, Italy is undoubte...more>>
A tour to the main monuments dedicated to the fathers of the Italy Unification Five exhibitions, a website, a comic book and various itineraries in the city to close of ce...more>>
THE CHIANTI VALLEY A journey amidst ancient villages and good wine The Chianti, the area of rolling hills stretching between Florence and Siena, Arezzo and hills of Pisa,...more>>
There is certainly something magical about nature's fascinating phenomenon 'Sunrise' something that is romantic and divine. Have you ever imagined how beautiful your morning can...more>>
Bangalore: There are some secret, exclusive and mysterious places on Earth which we are not aware off or simply could not visit if we wanted to. We are just left to imagine what...more>>
There are some heavenly spots on the earth which people cannot stop gazing at and they fell in short of words to describe its mesmerizing beauty. Lakhs of tourist, round the yea...more>>
Bangalore: Mother Nature never ceases to amaze. The world is filled with breath taking, jaw dropping sceneries. Similarly along with beauty there are some amazingly bizarre nat...more>>
Israel is a country in the Middle East, on the narrow region connecting Africa and Asia. The State of Israel occupies most of the region known as the Land of Israel. Israel i...more>>
If you are a professional trekker and want to test your nerves in the rugged and inhospitable terrain of the trans-Himalayas, the Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP) in the pic...more>>
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