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India was once considered as the richest nation in the world before it was plundered and drained of all its wealth by invaders and colonizers. The land used to be called "sone k...more>>
With the advancement in various fields in the world, so is the cost of living considerable increases in many cities. A study done by Savills plc, a global real estate services ...more>>
It is not just the set up of the city or the people's behavior that puts these cities on this list although it is important factors to consider, it has to do with the kind of ac...more>>
When it comes to the richest countries in the world, people usually think of names, such as America, Germany, Australia, and the other big countries. But there are some small co...more>>
Travelling abroad always catches an Indian's fancy. After deciding your dream location, the first thing that hits the mind is the ticket and travelling costs. Traveling abroad s...more>>
Lonely Planet's Best in Travel 2016 brought out a list of top destinations in different categories such as best countries to visit, best regions to visit, best cities to visit a...more>>
The objective behind travelling is to get away from routine and travelling is very enlightening most of the times. There are innumerable places in the world for us to visit. But...more>>
Incredible India! Yes it is. 29 states, 7 Union territories, over 700 vernaculars and infinite cultures, festivals and celebrations-make up the wonderful country it is today.It ...more>>
Everyone has heard of the Taj Mahal and the Great Wall of China. It seems that all the architectural wonders of the world are placed on the map. There are still many hidden gems...more>>
What's your style of living, Modern or Traditional? Since many decades, with the boost of economy people are adopting new and stylish way of living and thus contributing to lavi...more>>
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