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Everyone has heard of the Taj Mahal and the Great Wall of China. It seems that all the architectural wonders of the world are placed on the map. There are still many hidden gems...more>>
What's your style of living, Modern or Traditional? Since many decades, with the boost of economy people are adopting new and stylish way of living and thus contributing to lavi...more>>
Wherever we go whatever we do, one thing that bothers every one is the cost of living of a place. The question is Expensive or Economical? If such is the case, which is the city...more>>
Good and evil are two beliefs prevailing in our mind. Similarly there should be two powers in the world, one is God another is evil. To get rid of the evil powers and to thank ...more>>
India has witnessed exponential growth since independence. Amidst this fathomless growth, India is taking its own sweet time to outdistance other countries in the developed worl...more>>
We all reach a point when we say the words-'Let's all go someplace nice.' But what if there are no nice places left for us to visit and enjoy? The mere thought is scary. It is ...more>>
What is your idea of once in a life time travel experience? An adventurous trip, picnic to a farm or an exquisite tour to France, it could be anything. In a world so wide and be...more>>
A man in a remote village of Africa is battling for his life out of hunger while at the same time a man dumps gallons of food waste collected from a restaurant in a city in Germ...more>>
India has a mixed culture of art, religion and philosophy. It accepts people from all over the world with her secularism and culture, which keeps it unique and most favorable t...more>>
Lawlessness is the new order of state in several countries today, in one way or the other. Despite an existing world order and international institutions keeping a close watch o...more>>
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