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An admiration festival of Lord Shiva, Maha Shivratri festival is also known as "Shivratri". As per the legends, the Holy night "The Great Night of Shiva", Maha Shivratri is the ...more>>
Hearts, roses, the colors red and pink, statues of cupids, and cupids bows and arrows all this symbolize the feeling of romance and love on Valentine's Day. Considered as a per...more>>
A hinterland which is separated from the mainland, Valiyaparamba Island is spotted in the Arabian Sea about 30 km from Bekal, Kasaragod of northern part of Kerala. Conceivably, ...more>>
The district encompassed by three forest regions, Kasaragod is one of the most beautiful districts located in the northern part of Kerala. Significantly well- off in terms of hi...more>>
Remained at an elevation of 1922 ft above the sea level, Badami is tucked in between two rugged sandstone outcrops in the Bagalkot city in Karnataka. Superlative rock-cut cave t...more>>
A port town during the period of Portuguese, Dutch and British in the 16th - 19th centuries, the "Pearl City", Tuticorin is striking port city located in the Thoothukudi distric...more>>
A city in the hills of the Dindigul district in the state of Tamil Nadu, Kodaikanal is often referred to as the "Princess of Hill station". Located in the palani hill range Kod...more>>
Since the beginning, spiritual & religious played an importance role in each and every culture. According to culture & religions, different people have different thoughts ...more>>
A remarkable manifestation of varied culture, also known as the Carnival of natural beauty of White Rann Dessert, Rann Utsav is a festival of music, dance and various amusements...more>>
To experience some the most excellent and remote places on Earth in unique ways, one must incline toward the walking holiday since the experience of walking holidays are life-ch...more>>
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