9 Amazing River Cruises One Must Experience in India

BENGALURU: In the recent days everybody plans to evade from the clamorous world during vacation and venture to some soothing place, exploring sacred spots and ancient heritage.  Engrossed in the view of nature, keeping aside the actual busy life, sailing across the water on a cruise is total other worldly experience.  9 such wonderful places in India to be visited on a cruise are listed below:

Sunderban Cruise with the Glimpse of Bengal tiger

On the top of the list is Sunderban boat cruise. It is home to one of the largest concentration of royal Bengal tigers. This national heritage site is interconnected by network of waterways facilitating magnificent view of wild life, be it a royal Bengal tiger or the luminescent kingfisher. Cruising across a thick mangrove forest feeling the strong breeze and silence around you is an absolute bliss.

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Assam- The Land of blue hills

Next on the line is the mighty river Brahmaputra originating near Lake Mansarovar and Mount Kailash. While sailing through the snow covered Himalayan Mountains, the cruise offers a sneak peek into the cultural ethos of northeast India with its rich flora and fauna, tribal villages, ancient places and tea estate. Resting on a cruise, enjoying the majestic landscape with a hot cup of Assam tea in your hands would make your day spectacular.

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Goa -The perfect tourist destination

Coming down the list is the Mandovi river cruise in Goa which is known for sun, sea and surf. Goa’s tourism offers a wide range of entertainment in the cruise with beer and buffet; sailing down the Mandovi River into the Zuari bay you can enjoy the spectacular sunset along with pleasing view of the Panaji city. It would be the perfect end of a day savoring the sunset on the cruise with drinks dance, songs and royal banquet.

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The Elegant Ganga

The mouth of river Ganga forms the largest Delta known as Sunderban delta.A cruise on the Ganges will be the best way to explore the city. The luxuriant cruise will give a glimpse of the heritage and entertainment through the river Ganges.  As the ship sails under the Howrah Bridge, at the backdrop one can soak you in the aura of the painted evening sky and the lighted bridge. The cruise ship then takes you silently through lovely cities like Dakshineswar, Belur, Chandennagar, Kalna, Mayapur, Nabadwip and Murshidabad.

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Chilika Lake –Nature’s Enchantress

A hidden picturesque destination for a soothing cruise vacation in India is the Chilka Lake. It would be a wonderful experience to sail through the river with arch shaped hills in the background. The pleasant feeling of the gentle breeze that wafts from the Bay of Bengal has allured many poets, nature lovers, bird watchers and tourists every year. The journey lets you skim through the clear blue waters and watch the migratory birds like herons, falcons and spot-billed pelicans. The cruise usually stops at Rajahamsa Beach where you can even spot dolphins.

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Kerala - God's own country

Kerala is a narrow strip of land lying between the Arabian Sea to the west and the hill ranges called Western Ghats.  Kerala Back water cruise is equipped with art, luxury and safety measures; offering the chance of a lifetime to enjoy the best authentic South Indian cuisine. The cruise ride lets you dwell in the picturesque riversides surrounded by unique sights and sounds of mudskippers, kingfishers, and turtles.

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Andaman Cruise

A model of magnificence, Andaman Islands present a scene of grand and picturesque extravaganza, shimmering like emeralds in the Bay of Bengal. Andaman Island which is famous for its coral reefs, tropical climate and vast expanse of blue waters draws lot of tourists every year. While cruising, look out to the turquoise sea and let your imagination take wings and wonder what it takes to survive in a lifeboat.

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Dibru – Saikhowa River Cruise

Dibru – Saikhowa is one of the largest national parks of India located in the state of Assam and is blessed with a unique topography. The ride on the boat gives the glimpse of wild horses during monsoon, thousands of bar headed geese and ruddy shelducks painting the sky with myriad of colors. Dibru’s dense forest is spectacular mind blowing destination for perfect water-wildlife adventure.

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Mangalore Cruise Destination

Mangalore is a bustling city on the coastal belt of Karnataka. The beaches are sparsely crowded places but still best to go and relax. The Malabar Coast is renowned for its exquisite beaches and crystalline waters.  During the journey in the cruise across Mangalore beach, one can enjoy the dream-like vista of tropical islands—clear waters, coral reefs and marine species.

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