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Considered the richest provinces of biodiversity hotspots, the mountains of Western Ghats of the South West Indian state, Karnataka is undeniably one of the most diversified r...more>>
Considered the smallest state yet the target destinations, the state, Goa undeniably signified the best Southwestern Indian cuisine. Today; Goa is known as the Portuguese...more>>
Bhubaneswar, The floods triggered by heavy rains in the past week have affected nearly 1.8 million people in Odisha with the death toll rising to 35, an official said Thursday. ...more>>
New Delhi, The Delhi-National Capital Region (NCR) is fast turning into the world’s e-waste dumping yard with the capital alone getting 86 percent of waste generated in the de...more>>
Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso's environment ministry has banned special hunting for bats, the main carrier of Ebola virus, following threat of the disease which has already left ove...more>>
Chennai, With the threat of climate change looming large, it is important to close the nuclear power fuel cycle so that the base fuel could be used more efficiently. With a clos...more>>
India's most famous tourist destination, considered the smallest state yet the richest one; Goa has its own charm and magnetism that can grips millions and millions of tour...more>>
A golden city of an Indian state, the capital of the Nilgiris district, the town Ooty is considered as a "Queen of hill stations". The town is entitled as an Udhagamandal...more>>
One of the most famous tourist destination of Karnataka, the district Kodagu which is also known as Coorg is situated in the Western Ghats of southwestern Karnataka. The s...more>>
Fully clad by the almighty Himalayan ranges and profound within the knees of east mountain array, the paradise North east region is considered the foremost attractive provinc...more>>
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