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New Delhi, Government support to solar equipment manufacturers will lead to improved energy security, job creation and huge foreign exchange savings for the country, according t...more>>
Panaji, Using the skin of the endangered monitor lizard for the ghumat, a traditional clay drum, during the upcoming Ganesh Chaturthi festival will attract a fine of Rs.25,000 a...more>>
New Delhi,US Secretary of State John Kerry Thursday said his country was looking forward to a "new and constructive" chapter with India in the area of climate change. "Climat...more>>
London, If we continue doing what we are doing today to meet our energy demands, there will not be enough water in the world to quench the thirst of the world population by 2040...more>>
New York, In a significant breakthrough, scientists have synthesised a catalyst that improves the system for converting waste carbon dioxide into syngas -- a precursor of gasoli...more>>
Bhubaneswar, Vedanta's plan to expand six-fold the capacity of its one-million-tonne per annum alumina refinery in Odisha got a boost Wednesday when a majority of the local vill...more>>
New Delhi, At least 10 people were killed in the landslide near Pune in Maharashtra Wednesday morning while over 150 people are feared trapped under the debris, the NDRF said. ...more>>
Vailankanni was a part of the parish of Nagapattinam, but as pilgrims began to pour into Vailankanni, it was raised to the status of an independent parish in 1771, and Fr. Anton...more>>
Muslim Pilgrimage Tour Of Ajmer Sharif In India The most important of all Muslim pilgrimage centers in India, the dargah of Khwaja Moin-ud-din Chisti at Ajmer Sharif is...more>>
The Golden Temple Amritsar India (Sri Harimandir Sahib Amritsar) is not only a central religious place of the Sikhs, but also a symbol of human brotherhood and equality. Everybo...more>>
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