India's Tallest Skyscrappers

Bangalore: India is known for its diverse culture but the country also boasts of some of the tallest skyscrapers. The only way to imagine what it's like to be on top of these buildings is to remember the last time you were in an airplane, because they rise thousands of feet and often have their head in the clouds.

1) Imperial Towers
The Imperial Towers, inaugurated in the year 2010 is the tallest completed building in India. It is a 61 floored building located in Mumbai and has now become an identity of the city.
The building stands at a height of 254 metres and was built based on the plan given by the famous building designers Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill.
Built in a curvilinear form, the building is shaped aerodynamically to minimize the effects of wind on the structure. With a total area of 76,272 sq meters, the tower hosts 132 residential units along with serviced apartments.
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Reader's comments(1)
1: more of mumbai's tallest, than of india's tallest! there are tall buildings in other cities too, of which the writer is ignorant about.
Posted by: andy - 02 Oct, 2013