10 Amazing Journeys Of A Life-Time

Amazon-South America


Representing the over half of the Earth's remaining rainforest, is the Amazon that comprises of the largest biodiversity. To get a life time peek into this amazing lustrous forest, and the second largest river of the world, Amazon cruises a small ship for the visitors to bring them closer to the largest diverse ecology of the world. It cruises through parts of Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. A chance to be able to click wildlife in its wilderness is heavenly. Hiking, kayaking, aqua expedition and exploring estuaries, backwater lakes, and mysteriously amazing hidden villages is surely a once-in-lifetime chance.



Its rich Ancient civilization, and the mystery it beholds in itself, enchants everyone and steers you to Egypt. It made everything look ancient yet royal and classy. From the footwear, majestic gowns, stunning jewellries, the design and the pattern stuns all. On a trip to Egypt, start with the astounding view of the amazingly mysterious Pyramids at Giza. Next, explore the valley of kings, via Nile cruise from Luxor to Aswan. You will find the source of our existence in pieces through various remarkable temples, cultures and traditions.
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