10 Amazing Journeys Of A Life-Time

Prague-Czech Republic


A rich culture, soothing environment, calming surrounding, architectural beauties, mouth watering cuisine, all combined is the essence of Prague. It's not only a city of beauty within the buildings, monuments, but it has bliss of nature and the real essence of life and perseverance. Here you get to indulge into the celebration of life and happiness through the festivals, culture and tradition of this vibrant calm city. Prague through its marvelous picture won many names such as, The Golden City, City of hundred spires, The crown of the world.



Love adventure and treading the less travelled path? Visit Antarctica. The diverse wildlife, marine species, mountains, glaciers, ice-bergs are all welcoming you to its magnificent, uninhabited land. Sea cruises along with wilderness and the lovely penguins accompanying you in your trip is breath-taking. Its inaccessibility is made even more stringent with the new environment rules, limiting the number of cruise ships to the area. It's a journey of a life-time, to explore the harsh climate and the way the wildlife combats it for a humble beautiful living.
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