10 Amazing Journeys Of A Life-Time

Machu Picchu-Peru


A lost city, referred as, 'City of the Incas' found by the explorer Hiram Bingham in 1911. It is probably balanced on a ridge carpeted green, and invokes a sense of astonishment. The peaceful serenity of Machu Picchu attracts many visitors of various tastes and preferences. This Ancient site drives in tourists by various means, bus, train and foot. Trekkers on this Inca Trail, has to pass through the Sun Gate (Intipunku) at sunrise, and enjoy the landscape and the natural serenity in peace and bliss.



The marvelous bridges, crossing the Seine river, the impressive boulevards, the monumental squares, the striking monuments, the ever-green fun loving streets of Montmartre, this all in the City of Romance, makes it the most elegant, sophisticated and amazing cities of the world. It is the base for an inspiration for all the Cities all over. Enjoying at an outdoor cafe, strolling through the picturesque streets or natural alliance, Paris all the charm you need to keep up the lively smile.
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