10 Best Himalayan Treks

Laya and Lanana

It's time to meet one of the world's most expensive treks, from Laya to Lanana. This untouched region is visited only by a handful of Westerners, as it consists of wild and little known trekking routes. The trek all begins from Punakha and proceeds north to Laya, just the side of Tibetan border. From there trekkers need to move into the Lanana region, around 15,000 to 17,000 feet high. After passing beneath 24,900-foot Gangkar Punsum, world's highest unclimbed peak - head south to Tongsa, which marks the end of a classic and an unforgettable Himalayan trek.
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1: super cool trekking article....
Posted by: Sasha - 28 Sep, 2012